The Deer Had To Die...
These are the thoughts and dreams of a little Puerto Rican girl displayed in front of a live studio audience <3
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I LITERALLY want to hug Jesus. He’s so good to me!
-Shaleea Venney

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Christianity is not about failing, it’s about growing. We’re living by faith in the grace of God, not in ourselves, as if our works qualify us. It’s not about how much we have failed, it’s about being transformed by the revealing of the Father’s heart in Christ, and getting alone with God and allowing our faith in the truth and grace of God to make what He’s shown us our reality.

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He is our steadfast. He is unwavering, unchanging and unfailing. He is sufficient. Should we ever settle for anything less, He shall remind us that He is all we need.


Reminder: I need Jesus just as much as someone who hasn’t met him.

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